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Our Story

Advanced Inspection Services Est. (AIS) has been established to maintain the highly potential of the inspection requirements in Sultanate of Oman & United Arab Emirates. As a result of this demand, AIS has employed a broadly qualified range of staff from several countries. Also, the AIS has established itself as an important player in the Industrial Inspection field.

AIS is firmly committed to its presence in the area and during the period of stabilization in the economy in the recent years, the complement of technical & qualified staff has in fact been increased. Assignments are under taken both within Sultanate of Oman & overseas, especially neighbouring countries including Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar & Saudi Arabia.

What We Offer

AIS is a member of international organizations like Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) and  British Standard Institution (BSI) to expand its position as the preferred service provider in the Middle East region for the delivery of international industrial inspection services.

We Understand Requirements

We understand that there is a need to have the technology and resources in placethat quickly can put new business requirements into production.

We Work Precisely ​

With our individual solutions, flexible staffing, efficient equipment and strict adherence to deadlines, we work precisely, comprehensively and reliably to strengthen your position on the market.

We Deliver Best Output​

Sort the biggest quality issues by category and focus in on the big issues. Work them till they get to be small issues. Don’t focus as much time on the unusual quality issues; spend your time in the places with the most frequent problems.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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